We Build, We Care

Allumino began building dream kitchens for aspiring kitchen owners since our inception in 2012. We emphasize on quality craftsmanship to build trust and long term relationships with our business partners and customers. Alumino is now fast expanding in the kitchen industry with a wide range of products that specializes in aluminum kitchen cabinets. Our range of aluminum kitchen cabinets can be readily selected or custom made according to various specifications that are provided to our design team.

Allumino is dedicated to offering our customers great quality products and services that is specially tailored to individual needs. This makes our products functional and very enjoyable to each and every customer. As we believe that the kitchen is a very personalized space for every individual or family home, we are here to ensure that our kitchen cabinets are designed andmade to change the way you cook, move around, and live in your desired home environment.

We have assembled a team of trained and experienced professionals consisting of designers, project managers, site co-ordinators and technicians that specializes in building your ideal kitchen. With years of experience in the industry, our team members are able to provide consultations on colour coordination, design specifications and material selection that is suitable according to your special needs and desired living space. Every staff member is dedicated to delivering high quality and satisfying services to ensure every customer’s dream kitchen are fulfilled.

Our designs are very customer focused as we really care how our products will help and improve your kitchen in both function and aesthetically. In our quest to assemble your dream kitchen, we also ensure that our kitchen cabinets and the entire process from design to construction is environmental friendly and not harmful to nature. Our company advocates environmental friendly values and we aim to keep wastage levels at the most minimum.

Corporate Objectives

Quality Finishes Timely Delivery Customer Satisfaction is the Key.