Planning and Design

Your ideal kitchen requires a proper planning and design process in order to complete. Before executing the project, we would help the homeowner in drafting and planning on the desired type of kitchen. Our planning team would try to fit in your personal preferences while constructing a safe and suitable design for your kitchen space. We take precise measurements as a top priority when it comes to designing the kitchen. Each and every component like cabinet and refrigerator doors would be measure thoroughly. The project would then be mainly executed by our team with rich experiences in kitchen building from color coordination and material selections to home space specifications. We try our best to also include you, the customer in the planning and design process as much as possible so we could visualize your specific needs and demands while designing your kitchen cabinets.

Professional Consultation

First time building or renovating your kitchen? Fret not, we provide professional consultation services to cater to any of your specific needs. Just pop the question and let us know more about you. Our team is able to provide consultation and advice on any aspect of kitchen design and building which also includes kitchen cabinet trends and kitchen cabinet organization. Weencourage a high level of customer engagement in our projects just to make sure that the team and customer are on the same page when it comes to delivering your own personalized kitchen cabinets. This is especially important when the final delivered product would be sitting in your home space for many years to come and we intend to make your purchase decision worth the money and time spent.

Supply and Installation

All supply and installation for our projects would be entirely handled by our team kitchen professionals. Our dedicated team is capable designing and installing different types and sizes of kitchen. Make your installation challenges go away with our one-stop installation service which also includes ventilation, plumbing, plastering, tiling and standard electrical works that are performed and tested by qualified personnel. Connecting your appliances, sinks and taps would never be a problem with our trained service engineers that would be present during the whole installation process. All door and drawer adjustments would be optimized until it fits and matches the kitchen space to allow maximum working efficiency and moving space.